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Recent stories around the land question

War returnees battle over land Posted Nov 03, 2017 By admin

The LRA conflict ended in 2006 after a cease-fire was signed. But many returnees especially in Kitgum are troubled that traditional boundary markers on their land are missing or ignored.

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Eviction by mining companies Posted Sep 13, 2017 By admin

Karamoja is endowed with minerals like gold, limestone, uranium, marble, graphite, gypsum, iron, wolfram, nickel, copper, etc. and many evictions happen without compensation.

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Law on compulsory land acquisition Posted Aug 03, 2016 By admin

The proposed amendments to enable compulsory acquisition of land for government development projects have raised concerns as to whether it is not a move to grab people's land.

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Natives Evicted from mining land Posted Jul 04, 2016 By admin

The fight over land rights in a gold mining area in Mubende has come to a head, with the artisanal miners facing eviction by government in favour of a certain company.

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Apaa land wrangles proliferating Posted Jun 14, 2017 By admin

In the latest violence between the two ethnic communities in Apaa, 4 people were killed, 21 suffered severe wounds while more than 700 were displaced from their homes.

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Buganda mass titling campaign Posted May 03, 2017 By admin

The latest effort by Buganda Kingdom to enhance the security of tenure of millions of people sitting on Kabaka’s land has instead sparked fear, panic and apprehension among many.

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